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Everyone has a story. Here's mine.

It's no accident that I'm an artful communicator by profession. My education and experiences prepared me perfectly for this role.

I earned my BA in English from Mount Holyoke College. Then, for many years, I worked as a business development assistant, progressively becoming more and more involved in the writing of proposals and prospect/client communications. In 2004, I started at Jack Morton Worldwide, an early leader in the experiential space, as a copywriter. And with the encouragement of extraordinary mentors, I rose to the position of Associate Creative Director, Brand Marketing.

After leaving Jack Morton, I started developing my freelance practice, tackling a fascinating variety of corporate and creative projects. I supported rebrands (across industries, from learning company Six Red Marbles to in-store agency LG&P), wrote for museum exhibitions (Morven Museum & Gardens), ghostwrote books and memoirs (for...parties I can't name), and even partnered with researchers to author papers for peer-reviewed journals. For years, I regularly served as Communications Specialist for boutique consulting firm VJW & Co.

Every step along the way, I learned. About business, marketing, PR, culture-building, and the powerful forces living within people that spell the difference between business growth and burnout. I developed my own POV.

Today, I couldn't be happier with how my experiences have synthesized into a true sense of purpose. Who do we need to engage, together? Whether they work for you, buy from you, partner with you or seek to: let me help you find the words. This is why I'm here.

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