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What clients think matters most.

"Anne is phenomenal. Wicked smart, funny yet practical, energetic but never frantic, meticulous but always flexible. I have relied on Anne to help with a diverse array of assignments—from provocative opinion pieces to white papers to interviews to research published in a peer-reviewed journal—trusting her to working with individual authors to develop their ideas or organize the input of many contributors. I not only appreciate Anne, I LIKE her. A lot."

Susan Gaits

Director, Hall & Partners

"I've hired Anne for numerous projects, and she always comes to the table with ideas. Her end product is excellent, and working with her is easy and yes, fun."

Yasmeen Anderson

Yasmeen Anderson Photography

Director of Marketing, Update Staffing Services

"Anne is incredibly smart, a terrific writer and one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She produces top notch work and is a generous colleague."

Katie Taber

Emmy Award-winning Documentary Film Producer

Owner and President, Yellow River Productions


"Anne has the incredible ability to turn the most mundane copy into a compelling story. Her ability to write insightful and informative content on subjects that are relatively new to her is nothing short of amazing."

Leesa Wytock

Marketing Manager, Jack Morton Worldwide

“I brought my resume to Anne for a refresh, and when she was done, I had more interviews than I knew what to do with! I ended up in a wonderful new position. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Stephanie Hall

Executive Assistant, Estée Lauder Companies


"Anne is a gifted writer. Her work has an honest, crisp voice. And even with complex assignments, she delivers on time. I am a huge fan of Anne's talents."

Bob Denby

Founder, Inside Princeton


"Anne edited my book of photography, a job that required her to work with over 30 written statements from my subjects. Not only did she do them all justice, she committed herself to the project as a whole in a way I never could have asked or expected."

Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter Photography

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