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Anne DeAcetis

What's a creative accelerant?

I develop and clarify big ideas to turn them into compelling copy—transforming brand details people need to know into messages they love to hear. I started as a writer. But these days, I dive into conceptual partnerships with clients. I build and question and ideate compulsively. Increasingly, I'm engaged as a strategist.

As a seasoned actor/singer (proudly, I earned an MFA from CalArts), I've discovered time and again that my roots in storytelling sharpen my instincts for problem-solving. Who are we talking to? What do they think, feel and do right now? How would you like to change how they see you, and how many ways can we try? I love to combine my passions to provoke new thinking and approaches.

Messaging strategy

Creative concepting

Brand building

Culture & internal comms

Playbooks (business/projects)

White papers



Exhibit & event content

Ghostwriting & editing

Career Support Services

People changing careers need to tell new stories, too. Please ask about working with me one-on-one to rejuvenate your prospects with refreshed job-hunting tools: resumes, LinkedIn profiles, personal website/blogs, social presence, etc.

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